Proteus Resources

Proteus Resources

Achievements of the Proteus Partnership 2019

Category: Administration

This infographic highlights the achievements of the Proteus Partnership, its strengths and the products that have been developed through it. 

The Proteus Partnership

Category: Administration

Training available through the Proteus Partnership

Category: Administration

The Proteus Partnership: tools and products

Category: Administration

Data available through Proteus

Category: Data, Manuals and Training Category: Administration

This factsheet describes the data available to Proteus Partners, which tools allow access to the data, and where to download.

UNEP-WCMC also maintains access to several legacy and historic datasets online via the Data Download pages of the Centre's website.

2019 Q1 & Q2: Proteus Quarterly Update

Category: Administration

2019-Q2: Processing data for the World Database on Protected Areas

Category: Technical Community of Practice

The second Technical Community of Practice of 2019 discussed the topic of processing data for the World Database on Protected Areas (WDPA). In this webinar Jessica Stewart (Associate Programme Officer, UNEP-WCMC) covers: 1) an introduction to the WDPA; 2) where data comes from and how it is compiled into the WDPA, and; 3) the process for including and updating data in the WDPA, including example challenges and case-studies.

If you would like to download and watch this video offline then click here.

The WDPA in numbers: July 2019

Category: WDPA Data Factsheets

Total number of records for national-level areas and protected areas designated under protected regional and international conventions and agreements in the WDPA, July 2019.

Progress on the development of the post-2020 framework

Category: Technical Briefing Notes

Briefing note to update Proteus Partners on the fourth session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) and progress on the development of the post-2020 framework.

Proteus 2018 Update Report

Category: Administration

This report describes the key activities and results of the Proteus Workplan in 2018.

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