Proteus Resources

Proteus Resources

Proteus 2016 Update Report

Category: Administration

This report describes the key activities and results of the Proteus Workplan in 2016.

Manual of Marine and Coastal Datasets of Biodiversity Importance (2015 edition)

Category: Data, Manuals and Training

This manual provides an overview of global marine and coastal datasets of biodiversity importance, in order to address the fragmented information and guidance available to users of marine data. The 2nd edition of the manual identifies 128 marine and coastal datasets (Annex 2) of biodiversity importance. It also includes 69 detailed and standardised metadata sheets (Annex 3) providing information required to use these datasets effectively. The various challenges, gaps and limitations which can be presented by coastal and marine data are also discussed.

WDPA Marine and coastal reclassification

Category: Technical Briefing Notes

As of March 2015, the 'MARINE' field in the WDPA accepts three values to better identify terrestrial, coastal and marine protected areas: o (site is entirely terrestrial), 1 (site is both marine and terrestrial) and 2 (site is entirely marine). These values have been attributed based on a spatial analysis, selecting sites which stretch across the marine and terrestrial realm. This technical briefing note describes the reclassification approach, and definitions users for protected areas identified as terrestrial, coastal and marine. 

The WDPA in areas : January 2015

Category: WDPA Data Factsheets

Total coverage of national-level protected areas and protected areas designated under regional and international conventions and agreements in the WDPA, January 2015.

Factsheet: Marine & Coastal Data

Category: Data, Manuals and Training

A summary of the full manual of marine and coastal data of biodiversity importance.

2019-Q1: Threat mapping

Category: Technical Community of Practice

The first Technical Community of Practice of 2019 discussed the topic of threat mapping. In this webinar, Brian O'Connor (Programme Officer, UNEP-WCMC) and Joe Gosling (Associate Programme Officer, UNEP-WCMC) cover: 1) an introduction the concept of threat mapping; 2) existing approaches to threat mapping, main considerations of use and knowledge gaps; 3) example applications for Proteus Partners, and 4) the main limitations and considerations for use by Proteus Partners.

If you would like to download and watch this video offline then click here.

Presentation 17: Proteus Structure and Workflow Post-2020

Category: Documents from Meetings

Presentation by Jonty Knox (UNEP-WCMC) about the current structure of Proteus, potential content in future phases, and the Proteus renewal process.

Presentation 16: UNEP-WCMC’s work on Post-2020 and Opportunities for Business Engagement

Category: Documents from Meetings

Presentation by Daniela Guarás (UNEP-WCMC) about UNEP-WCMC's work on the Post-2020 global biodiversity framework and opportunities for business engagement.

Presentation 15: Science Based Targets Initiative: The Story so Far

Category: Documents from Meetings

Presentation by Samantha Hill (UNEP-WCMC) about the Science-based Targets Network and the Biodiversity Hub.

Presentation 14: Bending the curve

Category: Documents from Meetings

Presentation by Neil Burgess (UNEP-WCMC) about the pathway to negotiating a transformational global deal for nature at the fifteenth Conference of the Parties (COP15) in Kunming, 2020.

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